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What the community says about Baildon Library

Here is a selection of comments from people who completed our survey in September 2019 to find out what Baildon Library means to them:

"Being a woman on a low income (over 60 but not old enough for my state pension and not claiming benefits) I can walk to it. I don't have to pay the extortionate parking fees charged at the Ian Clough Hall or at the Shipley car parks and I can call in at local shops. As a rate payer I think this is the only local service I use apart from the refuse collection and this is kept going by a magnificent group of volunteers."

"It is within walking distance at home so it encourages me to walk rather than drive. It makes me feel connected to my own community. I occasionally meet people I know because it is local. I read a lot more than I would if I did not have access to a library. I like it finding out about local events and local history which I would not find out about in Shipley or Bingley."

"I would like to ask how Bradford Council can justify reducing libraries by a further £1million when they are spending so much money on becoming a City of Culture? How can Bradford be a City of Culture without a robust library service?"

"I'd be lost without this library. It's very lonely sometimes and there's always a smiling face here."

"Lovely, friendly and helpful staff. It is important coming here as it helps get me through the day. I don't know that I would come into Baildon as much if library not here, which would mean I wouldn't use the local shops as much."

"The library was a great escape to me as a new mum to meet up with other new mums for storytime. It would be a great shame to take away books from the people of Baildon."

"One of the better libraries to come to and worth the journey. The staff are lovely, it's nice to make new friends when all you did was go to borrow a book."

"My daughter loves visiting. She is dyslexic and loves that they have dyslexia friendly books. I think it's important to encourage children to read and study. The library is always busy when I've visited. It needs to stay as Shipley is too far to travel for people like myself who don't drive or the elderly."

"I don't have a computer at home, nor do I have a smartphone so Baildon Library is invaluable to me to enable to have access to the internet. I like to read a range of different views on politics, current events etc so the availability of some daily newspapers is important to me. The availability of photocopying facilities, and printing from the computer is extremely helpful. The staff are pleasant and helpful, and the library is something of a community hub. I also notice it is well used by children and things like storytimes are well attended. Libraries are very important in enthusing children to read, something that is vital if levels of literacy are to be improved. In short, Baildon Library is a gem that must not be lost!"

"It's a peaceful space where I can relax & unwind. I meet other people there too & then shop & have a coffee. It would be a tragedy if it was taken away for all different people & ages in Baildon. The building is an eyesore but the library is a tranquil space away from the busy outdoors."

"It's local, my next nearest library is Shipley which would add another £4.50 bus fare to the day."

"It's a welcoming place for those in the community who live alone. I found the contact invaluable when I was on maternity leave and it was a welcoming place to go and link up with others."

"When I am feeling depressed and cabin feverish, the library gives me a point of reference to calm down. I shall be bereft it I lose it."

"I'm a lot less likely to use an alternative library if Baildon Library is closed."

"I was struggling with a lot of stress and postnatal depression but I found the library. The staff were warm and welcoming and after sorting a card for me and my daughter we then had more of a reason to get out of the house and away from the building stress. We attended groups and I became more 'me' and found a community support."

"So many who people use this library would stop using libraries because the journey to Shipley is too expensive or difficult or they, like me, find Shipley a little intimidating at times."

"I have reduced mobility and the library in Baildon is convenient and gives me pleasure and a bit of exercise getting there and doing local shopping and seeing and chatting to neighbours etc. It would have a detrimental effect on my quality of life if the library was no longer available in Baildon."

"I come to study; it is the only quiet place. The staff are friendly, computers are available with printing facilities (I do not have these at home)."

"I don't have a car so it is very important for me to have the library within walking distance. It is environmentally friendly too - I don't have to use transport, and borrowing a book saves waste!"

"Supports people like me with poor mental health and anxiety. I work from home, and would otherwise be isolated. I cannot afford to take trips to Shipley and staff there don't know me. They wouldn't take the time to sit with me."

"If the library goes, I feel that slowly the village centre will die which is crazy given the rise in population."

"It's local and convenient, I like to support the facilities and businesses in the community, if we don't, they'll disappear and so will the village."

"I live alone and sometimes don't speak to anyone all day. There's always a friendly face at the library and they always take the time to chat with me. They know me and it's like having a friend to visit. I don't know what I'll do if it is taken away."

"It's a lovely friendly place that is essential to the community as a whole. It's inclusive and welcoming with a varied cultural and social appeal. It would be a real shame to lose this valuable place."

"I love to come; it gets me out and I meet people. The library is very pleasant. I do hope the library remains open. There are lots of people who need to use it regularly, both young and old."