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Installation of solar power at the Baildon allotments.

Installation of solar power at the Baildon allotments.

Baildon Town Council are delighted to continue to support the innovative work of the Baildon Horticultural Society and have awarded grant funding to support the installation of solar power at the allotments.

Here is an update from the Horticultural Society from their recent newsletter;

"Baildon Town Council have recently agreed to help Baildon Horticultural society with funding for solar panels to be installed at Thompson Lane and Charlestown allotment huts.
There have been problems at both sites recently with unauthorised visitors wandering around on both sites and causing damage at Thompson Lane. By having a power supply in the huts it will be possible to install CCTV, security lighting and internal LED lighting in the huts.

Various options for power were investigated but off grid solar photo voltaics (PV)has been chosen as the most cost effective power supply and will be able to meet the power needs at both huts. With off grid solar, power is stored in batteries for use at night. If more power is required the solar systems can be extended to produce extra power.

Current plans are to install the system at Thompson Lane this spring and then learn any lessons ahead of installing a similar system at Charlestown."

Posted: Thu, 04 Feb 2021 11:28 by Admin

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