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Statement re the Ian Clough Hall

Baildon Town Council has decided to withdraw from the operational management of the Ian Clough Hall from the 1st of April 2019. Responsibility will revert to Bradford Council for its continued operation and consultation with current user groups.

The reasons for this decision to withdraw include;

  • Bradford Council have confirmed that they can no longer commit to sign the Partnership Agreement with Baildon Town Council. This agreement would have allowed Baildon Town Council to have a say in the redevelopment of this important site, which was to include sustainable community facilities also including a new library, which would have been transferred to Baildon Town Council on completion.
  • During the last 12 months, three long term users of the hall have terminated their occupancy, due to its poor condition. As a result of declining occupancy, Baildon Town Council feels that it can no longer justify a financial commitment to a building little used by the community and in such poor state of repair, especially as all income collected by us was returned to Bradford Council.

Baildon Library - Baildon Town Council has a 3 year lease with Bradford Council and remain committed to run the existing Hybrid Library Service at its present location until at least the 31st of March 2020. Baildon Town Council will work positively with Bradford Council, to continue the library service within Baildon beyond 2020.

We hope very much to continue work in partnership with Bradford Council, so that any future developments of the site are beneficial to Baildon and sustainable for future generations.

Posted: Fri, 15 Mar 2019 10:36 by Louanna Winch

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