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Baildon Town Council precept 2019 - 20

At a Full Council meeting on Monday 14th January, 2019 Baildon Town Councillors resolved to implement a precept of £45 per Band D household for 2019-20. This is the equivalent of a 26p per week rise.

Additional projects have in recent years been funded from Council reserves. However, the Council reserves now need to be addressed to take then above the minimum recommended limits.

Chair of the Council, Councillor Peter Ashton, commented that,

' Whilst I recognise that residents face increasing pressure on their hard earned income, the Council has come up with a budget which I feel is a good deal for the taxpayers of Baildon Town. The budget set, addresses a shortfall in reserves and takes account of decreased carry forwards. The Council has also tried to ensure it can meet further demands under Bradford Council's New Deal agenda.

Baildon Town Council still delivers a wide range of services cheaper than most of its neighbouring Town and Parish Councils. In addition, the precept remains about £20 less than the National Average for such a Council'.

Posted: Fri, 18 Jan 2019 14:45 by Louanna Winch

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