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Litter-Free Baildon End of Year Update

A look-back at 2018

There are many positives to take from 2018. During the course of the year some 25+ volunteers have joined our litter-picks at various times. We have been supported by Bradford Council as well as Baildon Town Council and have been joined on several occasions by local Councillors. Various local groups have organised litter-picks and we have also arranged picks with local Guide and Cub groups.

Together we have collected so far this year 653 bags of litter, which at an average of 6 kilos a bag is nearly 4,000 kilos – about the weight of 2 male hippotamuses or one female African elephant! No wonder Baildon is looking much cleaner.

On the down-side there are still problem areas. The Eaves car park continues to be an eyesore and the Titus Salt car park is not far behind. The issue in both instances is one of anti-social behaviour. Both car-parks are places where people meet regularly to consume their takeaways and have a drink. There is also evidence of drug use and some sexual activity. The litter they leave is just a by-product of their other activities.

On to 2019

A number of our volunteers keep an eye on their local area. My 'patch' is Green Road and Cliffe Avenue. I would like to try and organise these arrangements a little more in 2019 and develop a sort of 'Neighbourhood Litter-Watch' with volunteers taking responsibility for their own 'patch' enabling them to go out whenever it suits them. I can supply litter-pickers and bags where necessary and we can help out as a group if needed. This will allow us to concentrate our picks on more public areas: car parks, Shipley Glen etc. More about this in the New Year.

I believe a lot more can be done in our schools to raise awareness of litter and I shall approach local schools to try and get them on board – perhaps with the Spring-Clean initiative (weather permitting). Which school will be the first to go litter-free?

Similarly, local businesses need to be involved and invited to support a Litter-Free Baildon campaign by taking responsibility for keeping their immediate surrounding area clean and tidy.

It is to be hoped that 2019 will see some positive development in plans to introduce a deposit on drinks containers. We should pressure our local MP on this. When I asked him about this in the summer he said it was 'out-to-consultation', no deadline was given.

Finally, a big 'Thank You' to you all for your support and encouragement throughout the year.

Have a wonderful Christmas and here's to a litter-free 2019 (if only!)

Dave McDougall, Litter-Free Baildon

Posted: Fri, 21 Dec 2018 10:33 by Admin

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