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Baildon Library, Hallcliffe
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This is an initial consultation of Baildon residents, business owners and community leaders re the future of the Ian Clough Hall building and site.

Baildon Town Council already has an agreement with Bradford Council about the requirements to be satisfied should the Ian Clough Hall site be redeveloped in the future.

They are as follows:

1.1 Build suitable and sufficient facilities to replace Ian Clough Hall and Library

1.2 Create an office base for Baildon Town Council

1.3 On completion of the redevelopment the community facilities are to be passed to Baildon Town Council by way of a Community Asset Transfer

1.4 Retain a pay and display car park on part of the site

1.5 Find an end user for commercial and/or residential use of the site

1.6 Make improvements to the public realm within the BTC area

Item 1.5 is the area with most flexibility for future provision on the site. The Town Council is keen to learn of the initial views of local residents and stakeholders as to what they would prefer included in future development.

We therefore ask you to complete the short survey below, with the results to be published on our website.

On behalf of Baildon Town Council,

Peter Ashton

Chair of Council

Please note the current estimated repair bill for the Ian Clough Hall is approximately half a million pounds.

Baildon Town Council seeks your initial response to the future of the Ian Clough Hall building and site. Give your views in this short survey.

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The Future of Ian Clough Hall Initial Consultation

With 1 being your lowest priority and 5 being your highest, state which of the following options you would like to see on the proposed development (please number them 1 to 5).

The closing date for the poll is Friday 14 September 2018