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A report by HALE – Health Action Local Engagement - on community development work

Objective No.1 Community Survey

  • Survey target residents
  • Outreach detached sessions
  • Community surgeries
  • Consultation events/survey
  • Research using on-line and mail-out surveys
  • Referrals made for current and future service provision.

Survey – Attended Baildon Gala, Local Coop, Methodist Church Cafe, Farmers Market, The Link Community Centre, Baildon Open Gardens, and Walking Group to engage people in the survey. We also conducted door to door visiting regarding a variety of Social Issues – Jenny Lane Flats

Good mix of different age groups, gender and social groups from Baildon that took part in the survey.

It is clear that people feel concerned about crime and antisocial behaviour and would like to see more visible policing. People were concerned about maintenance of the local environment, litter, pot holes and dog fouling.

There was also a perceived need for more provision for young people.

Outcomes: Numbers achieved

  • 125 people surveyed – main survey and the trip survey –
  • 75 people surveyed for trip survey

34 Referrals made into new activities offered as part of this development work and existing provision.

Objective No.2 Community Cohesion

Outreach detached sessions

Community development programmes

Crime prevention initiatives

Raised awareness of service provision

Resident groups established

Men shed – Established in partnership with the Bracken Hall Countryside Centre. 12 gents have attended on various sessions - regular attendance by approx 6 gents occasionally more.

So far we have worked alongside the Princes Trust, Community Groups and local Sheltered Housing.

Produced a wide range of practical woodwork items to benefit the wider community. These included Storytelling chair, picnic bench and planting table, small planters, plant sale stalls. (see Men's Shed summary for more info).

Community Based Activities – The development team have attended an supported people to access a range of other local community based activities including the Baildon Open Gardens, Intergeneration Afternoon Tea and Baildon Gala.

Outcomes: Numbers achieved

17 x weekly Men's Shed Sessions

12 men attended

Attended and supported with 10 different events

Objective No.3 Supporting Disadvantaged

• Outreach detached sessions

• Engagement activities/programmes

• Intergenerational events

• Signposting of service provision

• Referrals to key agencies

• Crime prevention and safety advice

• Community development programmes

Trips – 2 of 4 planned trips have taken place. These have been to Tong Garden Centre and Skipton Market including the new Keelham Farm Shop – Attendees have enjoyed this very much, many of them are widowed. Attendees are putting forward suggestions for future trips.

Monthly Singalong Sessions- 6 x monthly sessions have taken place with attendance anywhere between 3 and 5.

The group are now supported by a piano player who accompanies them. Further outreach is taking place to try and increase the numbers.

Bus Buddies – Following on from wide promotion there has been little uptake, therefore an additional trip is planned as an alternative use of the allocated resource.

Outcomes: Numbers

• 2 Trips – 26 people

• 6 x Monthly Sing-Along Sessions – 8 people

• 17 x weekly Men's Shed Sessions – 12 people

Objective No.4 Supporting Volunteering

• Community events

• Networking events

• Recruitment initiatives

Volunteers - There are 2 regular volunteers who come along and support other gents at the Men's Shed. They are supporting the men in developing new skills and gaining confidence in producing woodwork items.

There is also a regular volunteer who supports the Monthly singing group, encouraging those who attend to actively take part and supporting with preparing the session.

Outcomes; Numbers

• 3 volunteers currently support the ongoing development work

• Used our social media and print media methods to promote opportunities.