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Clerk: Louanna Winch
Baildon Library, Hallcliffe
Baildon, Shipley, West
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David Robertshaw

David Robertshaw

Elected May 2019

I moved back to Baildon last year and this makes it the third time I have lived in Baildon. Clearly a place I have a lot of time and affection for, as did my family before they moved on to other places. Before I retired completely, I worked for 49 years in the NHS Laboratories. I started as a Junior Technician in the Pathology Laboratories and progressed to the role of Consultant Clinical Scientist. I had a very rewarding career and hope I contributed to the service.

I am very keen to see Baildon maintain and develop its unique status of being a lovely, characterful village in a wonderful setting so close to the moors. A place which can attract visitors and so maintain a viable and growing community.

At the same time I think we have to recognize that things do change, and no doubt there will be pressures to change the shape of things by more and more housing – as per West Lane recently. We need to work to keep the best of both worlds and work for the benefit of Baildon without being ruled by outside influences.

I am also very keen to ensure that Baildon gets a good and fair deal from the Bradford Council. We pay a relatively high rate of Council Tax and as such we deserve a fair return for our investment.

Whilst obviously, like any town these days, there are difficulties, I think we must make every effort to give the people of Baildon what they want and deserve. If elected I will do my very best to consider their opinions and persuade the ruling bodies to satisfy the wishes of the Electorate in their desire to keep Baildon a fine place to live.

Thank you.

David Robertshaw.

07973 626944