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Clerk: Louanna Winch
Baildon Library, Hallcliffe
Baildon, Shipley, West
Yorkshire BD17 6ND

Cllr Alan Clubb

East Ward elected 2019

I was born and raised on a Council estate in Dover, Kent. At 18 I attended St. Luke's College, Exeter for 3 years to gain a teaching certificate. I left in 1976 and walked straight into a recession with teaching jobs at a premium so in 1978 I moved to Leeds and entered the wonderful world of IT which I continued to work in until my retirement in 2018.

During those 40 years I gained a lot of qualifications and much experience but neither guarantee wisdom which generally comes by learning from mistakes.

I moved to Baildon in 1995 with my wife and have raised 3 children who all went to Hoyle Court School.

I believe in a society that gives everyone the opportunity to do the best they can regardless of background, wealth, sex, disability, religion or ethnicity. I also believe that a society should be judged by how well it looks after those who, for whatever reason, can not look after themselves.

As a new Councillor I look forward to working with other Councillors, Officers and Volunteers in using what knowledge and experience I have to help make Baildon and Bradford a better place for all.

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