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Baildon Benches

Welcome to Baildon Benches

For some while, we have been seeking an agreement with Bradford Council to take over the maintenance of the public seats or benches which are located on the highway. There are over 20 of them in locations around Baildon.

We are delighted to report that - finally - we have now received a formal licence from Bradford to do just that.

Baildon Town Council wants to see every seat fully maintained and looking smart, and to this end we will be launching a programme to renovate them all, funded by BTC and assisted by sponsorship.

Baildon Benches is an Adopt-a-seat scheme, where individuals or organisations can pay to sponsor a seat which will allow them to have a memorial or sponsorship plaque placed on the seat, as you will have seen in many other places.

As well as regular programmed maintenance (by a local firm), we can now offer opportunities for:

  • The Memorial dedication of a bench (lasting 10 years, for a one off payment of £300)
  • The Sponsorship of a bench (lasting 3 years, for a single payment of £120)

Within the fee we will include a plaque on your chosen bench with your very own dedication (between 70/100 characters)

For more information about the Baildon Benches initiative, visit the project overview document created by our Environment Committee:

Alternatively if you would like to sponsor one of our Benches, complete our application form:


We have just been informed by Bradford Council that some benches in this scheme will be replaced in a few months. We are unsure which benches will be replaced but we will provide updates as soon as we know more!

Our Benches

Here are the selection of benches currently scheduled for maintenance/upgrade by Baildon Town Council:

Bench 1: Coach Road Play Area

Bench 2: Coach Road / Post Office

Bench 3: Otley Road / Woodcot Ave

Bench 4: St Johns Court / Oakroyd Terrace

Bench 5: Rosemont Lane Play Area

Bench 6: Holden Lane / The Beeches

Bench 7: Holden Lane / Heygate Lane - NOT AVAILABLE

Bench 8: Heygate Lane / Heygate Close

Bench 9: Jenny Lane Opposite Websters

Bench 10: Jenny Lane at Websters

Bench 11: Outside Pickles- NOT AVAILABLE

Bench 12: Towngate East of Stocks- NOT AVAILABLE

Bench 13: Towngate North of Stocks- NOT AVAILABLE

Bench 14: Towngate South of Stocks- NOT AVAILABLE

Bench 15: Towngate West of Stocks- NOT AVAILABLE

Bench 16: Towngate by the Potted Meat Stick

Bench 17: Westgate / Westfield Terrace

Bench 18: West Lane / Belmont Ave

Bench 19: West Lane / Westleigh Drive

Bench 20: Browgate / Butler Lane

Bench 21: Browgate / Hillside Terrace

Bench 22: Hallfield Drive / War Memorial

Bench 23: Baildon Green / Cricketers

Bench 24: Springfield Road / Newton Way - NOT AVAILABLE