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Welcome to Baildon

Clerk: Louanna Winch
Baildon Library, Hallcliffe
Baildon, Shipley, West
Yorkshire BD17 6ND

  • Baildon Library

    Baildon Library

    The Town Council Office is based in Baildon Library.

  • The Potted Meat stick

    The Potted Meat stick

    Our famous Potted Meat stick in the heart of the village, by Ros Crosland.

  • Tong Park Dam

    Tong Park Dam

    Tong Park Dam by Ros Crosland.

  • Shipley Glen

    Shipley Glen

    Shipley Glen in the Autumn by Ros Crosland.

  • Baildon in the snow

    Baildon in the snow

    Picture by Ros Crosland

The Town Council office is currently closed, staff are working from home. To contact us please email or you can contact the Clerk on 07938 062814. Thank you.

Please follow this link for advice from Bradford Council about Coronavirus

Baildon and the Town Council

Baildon Town Council's website includes a wealth of information about how we conduct business and what we do. Use the search facility to browse the site and find whatever you are looking for. If you can't find the information you require then please contact us.

Baildon is located in the Aire Valley, between the city of Bradford and Rombalds Moor. Whether you still think of Baildon as a village or have embraced its new status as a town, we can all agree that Baildon is a great place to live. As a Town Council, we're proud to represent a place with such character, history and natural beauty as Baildon.

Stretching from the river at Roberts Park, along Otley Road through Charlestown and Tong Park, and up to Baildon Moor, Baildon is much more than just what is traditionally considered the village centre. Around 16,000 residents, spread across an area of approximately 16 square miles, live, work, shop and eat at locations from Charlestown to Baildon Bridge to the Coach Road.

Community spirit is strong in Baildon, with residents active in groups as diverse as the Women's Institute, Baildon Ukelele Club, churches, Baildon in Bloom, Friends of Baildon Moor and youth activities – to mention just a few.

Baildon hosts many exciting events in which the whole community come together, like August bank holiday's Harley Davidson biker rally, the Scarecrow Festival, the annual carnival and Baildon at Christmas. There's lots to see and do: the Victorian tramway at Shipley Glen runs at weekends and Roberts Park, although part of the Saltaire World Heritage Site, is within the Baildon boundary.

Latest News

New faces at the Council

December has seen two new members of staff being recruited and two new councillors being co-opted to Baildon Town Council.

Following an independent staffing review in February this year, a new post of part time Deputy Clerk was created, and with the forthcoming retirement of our Responsible Financial Officer Gary Stevenson, recruitment took place for positions of Deputy Clerk and RFO.

Suzy Krupinski a resident of Baildon for 17 years, has been recruited for the post of Responsible Financial Officer. Suzy who has previously worked at Bingley Grammar School and Bradford Council, has extensive financial experience and will be joining the council on a part time basis. More »

Lyn Farrell has been the Assistant Clerk at Horsforth Town Council since 2019. She will be joining Baildon Council on a part time basis to complement her hours at Horsforth, where she will continue to be employed. Lyn previously worked in education and will be clerking the Community, Economy and Environment committees, as well as supporting the Clerk.

The Councillor vacancies in the South and South East wards, were co-opted at the Full Council meeting on Monday the 14th of December. Four candidates applied for two vacancies, which resulted in Sue Hewitson being co-opted to the South East ward and Sara Breen being co-opted to the South ward.

We welcome them all to their new roles in the council. » Less

Posted: Thu, 17 Dec 2020 11:26 by Louanna Winch

Baildon lighting up for Christmas

Baildon lighting up for Christmas

Once again, Baildon is looking forward to a fantastic display of Christmas lights in the centre of Baildon, but also on Otley Road and the shops on Coach Road. New for this year as a trial is a giant star at the entrance to Baildon Station.

There are also some new icicle lights, and Baildon sees a total of 75 snowfall tubes to light up the trees. The coloured lights in the trees outside the library, and also the lights at St Johns Court on Otley Road were new in 2019 and will all be lit up again. More »

30 local businesses have signed up to Baildon Christmas Partnership (shared funding between each business and Baildon Town Council) and this year each has had a new 5 foot tree with coloured LED lights installed above their shop/ business, to match the magnificent Christmas tree which is in its usual place in the stocks.

This year due to the pandemic there will not be a switch on event, but the lights will start going on from the last week in November. This may be a gradual process this year, as the electricity supply in many cases is within the businesses, and many are closed due to lockdown. (Please do not worry if some are not lit up from the start… everyone is doing their best to make it happen as well as they possibly can.)

Baildon Town Councillor Gill Dixon commented:

"Work has gone on throughout the year to identify and repair the glitches from last year ( such as the lights on the roof of the public toilets.) so we hope that this year the display will be better than ever! We are very sorry that we cannot go ahead with a community switch on event as in previous years, but hope that residents young and old will be cheered by the Christmas lights in Baildon and will still manage to have a very merry Christmas! "

Cllr Gill Dixon

Chair of the Economy Committee » Less

Posted: Fri, 13 Nov 2020 15:58 by Louanna Winch

Vacancies for Town Councillors

Vacancies for Town Councillors


We currently have two vacancies on Baildon Town Council, which the Council will be seeking to fill by co-option.

This is a process whereby the Council considers applications from interested persons and can then select applicants to fill the vacancy.

If you are interested in becoming a town councillor, please write to the Town Council including a brief resume of no more than 500 words which indicates: More »

 why you would like to become a councillor

 how your knowledge and / or experience would help you in your work as a town councillor.

If you need information about eligibility for being a Baildon Town Councillor or information about the role of a councillor, please contact the Town Clerk via email at or 07938 062814.

The deadline for written applications is Friday 4 December 2020.

Applicants will be asked to give a brief presentation (three to five) minutes to the Town Council meeting, on Monday 14 December 2020 (Via Zoom if possible). » Less

Posted: Fri, 13 Nov 2020 11:09 by Admin